Case Study

Selecting and Integrating A New Partner


A professional services firm reached the size where the founding owner decided that bringing on a new partner would enable continued growth by extending internal management capabilities, expanding external business development efforts, and strengthening the development of aspiring professionals.

The questions brought to Centauric were:

  1. How would the partner candidate complement and align with the current owner?
  2. How best to ensure a successful integration of the new partner?

Centauric Contribution

Centauric worked with the founding partner to help him clarify his:

  1. Vision and aspirations
  2. Priorities
  3. Values
  4. Guiding principles
  5. Strengths and weakness

Centauric then interviewed the candidate and had him complete an assessment of leadership style and values. The candidate profile was compared with the founder’s profile. Points of potential compatibility, complementarity and conflict were reviewed with the founder. The founder’s observations and thoughts were factored into a decision to offer the candidate an opportunity to join the firm on a fast track to partnership.

Centauric designed and facilitated a number of strategy and operational discussions between the founder and the new partner. Areas of misunderstanding and disagreement were highlighted and Centauric helped the two principals to address concerns in a direct and constructive manner.

Additionally, Centauric conducted pulse surveys of the staff to provide information to the partners about the impact of their alliance on members of the organization. Finally, Centauric consulted with the two partners as they responded to feedback from the organization and operationalized their plans. This consultation took the form of challenging, facilitating and offering alternative viewpoints.


As a result of Centauric’s involvement, the founder was able to make an informed decision at a pivotal moment in the life of his organization. Centauric helped the partnership to get off on the right foot and laid tracks for healthy collaboration and early constructive resolution of points of contention that are inevitable in high contact working relationships.

Elements of Centauric Approach:

  1. Individual, team, and organization assessment
  2. Executive consultation and team coaching
  3. Organization design
  4. Change leadership