Case Study

Selecting A New Employee


A specialized marketing consultancy called on Centauric to assist them in determining which candidate they should hire for an important role.

Centauric Contribution

Centauric began by helping our client to define the critical success factors and requirements for the role. Once the field had been narrowed to two high quality individuals, Centauric conducted intensive background behavioral interviews to augment information already gathered by our client. Centauric also administered a battery of standardized tests to provide insight into style, values and capability. We provided insights about the candidates for our client to consider. We also recommended additional follow-up questions for a second round of interviews and final reference checks.


Our client made an informed hiring decision with a reduced risk of a costly mismatch. Centauric also provided insight into how best to integrate the successful candidate, so they could “hit the ground running” and avoid “tissue rejection”.

Elements of Centauric Approach:

  1. Individual assessment
  2. Executive consultation