Case Study

New to Executive Role


A successful operations manager was appointed to a new executive role that brought with it P&L responsibility and a large staff complement operating in a number of locations beyond the head office. The organization was at a turning point and the pressure was on the new executive to revitalize the entire business unit.

Centauric Contribution

Centauric began by interviewing the new executive, her boss, the CEO, her new colleagues and direct reports. We also administered a comprehensive leadership assessment, constructing an inventory of her strengths, blind spots, reputation, and potential derailers.

With information in hand, Centauric designed a full day intensive leader transition lab to help our client understand what was expected of her, what she expected of herself and the unique package of capabilities and style that she was bringing to the task.

In the lab we began by assisting her to unpack her observations along with the input we provided. We structured the exploration around her priorities, her team, and the political landscape that she was entering. We assisted the new executive to understand what made her successful in the past and what would be required moving forward. All of this enabled her to build an informed and comprehensive roadmap. At the end of the day, our client had clear strategic priorities and a detailed calendar of critical actions.

For the next six months, Centauric served as a sounding board and coach to support full integration into her new role.


Our client was able to hit the ground running and make some key moves early in her tenure. She made some decisive adjustments to team composition, helped her team align around clear strategic priorities and moved quickly into effective implementation. This new executive quickly established a reputation as a leader with strong strategic focus and organizational savvy.

Elements of Centauric Approach:

  1. Individual assessment
  2. Executive consultation and coaching
  3. Strategy
  4. Change leadership