Rebecca Turner, Ph.D.

What clients most appreciate about Rebecca Turner is her clarity and focus on practical solutions. Rebecca advises leaders and senior teams with high demands on their performance. Her reassuring style allows her to effectively challenge leaders to move from their comfort zones to the next level of excellence. With her extensive experience as an applied researcher, she is adept at customizing assessments and integrating data to help leaders address their most pressing challenges.

Rebecca has over 25 years of diverse professional experience in organizational consulting, executive coaching and social science research. She serves small and large companies and government organizations across a range of sectors, including technology, medicine, healthcare, financial services, architecture and design, law, manufacturing and academia.

Rebecca has broad-based training in coaching, including studies at Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). She is certified in many individual and team assessment tools. She earned her doctorate in psychology from The George Washington University and in the early 1990s was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University. She has also taught graduate courses at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco.