Kelby Kupersmid, MS

Kelby is a global business leadership and coaching specialist who brings positivity, curiosity and intellectual rigor to all his projects. His diverse professional background, ranging from working at a pre-revenue startup to a multi-billion-dollar financial institution, informs his unique approach to workplace innovation and efficacy.

As Founder and CEO of Kinetic Development, Kelby partners with local and global organizations to increase their leadership effectiveness so they can enhance business results. He draws on his multidisciplinary experience to find a targeted approach that works for each client, combining assessments, individual and team coaching, and large group facilitation. Kelby is trusted by leaders across industries and throughout organizations.

Kelby is also a co-founder of Innovation Journey, a company that organizes business trips to Israel to explore their unique innovation ecosystem. He serves as Director of Leadership Programs, designing and facilitating unforgettable learning experiences to help professionals lead innovation in their careers and organizations.

Earlier in his career, Kelby managed large-scale international projects for the Center for Creative Leadership, ensuring operational excellence. He is natively fluent in Spanish, has worked and studied in Latin America, and traveled to 19 countries across 5 continents. Kelby holds a MS in Global Business Leadership, a BA in International Business and is a certified coach (Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)).

Kelby was a founding Board member and Director of Membership for ICF, San Diego and is a member of the Emerging Leaders Council, United Way, San Diego. In his spare time Kelby loves to travel to music festivals and is an avid musician.

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