Bryce Reich

Operations & Client Relations

Bryce is an experienced entrepreneur and US Navy veteran who has taken the structure of military leadership and applied it to his business ventures. The principles of discipline, teamwork, and strategic planning that he learned in the Navy have been instrumental in his success as an entrepreneur. As the founder of a venture-backed company, Bryce is known for his ability to rally teams, adapt to changing circumstances, and achieve ambitious goals. This skillset is essential to his business and operations role at Centauric, where he brings a results-oriented approach, setting clear objectives and serving as a source of accountability for the team. 

Bryce aligns with Centauric’s culture that empowers individuals while fostering trust and collaboration.  As a valued member of the Centauric team, Bryce enjoys the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and expand his reach.   When he’s not working, Bryce loves to play board games with his wife and solve brain teaser puzzles.